We are pleased to announce our travel bursary scheme for RSECon 2023. These bursaries are for those who, without funding, would be unable to attend the RSECon 2023 in-person.

Interested in applying?  Read more for our selection criteria and tips for applicants.

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Society of Research Software Engineers Travel Bursary

  • Number of bursaries Available: 8
  • Maximum amount of each bursary: £300
  • Deadline for application: 19 July 2023


Our travel bursary award is designed for those who are one or more of the following:

  • Are in an early career RSE/researcher (see below for definition);
  • Are a student with an interest in RSE-related topics;
  • Are an RSE/researcher/student currently living/working outside of the UK.

To qualify for this scheme, the applicant must fall into at least one of the above categories and would be unable to attend in-person without the bursary.

Travel bursaries will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Widening participation – we wish to ensure that RSECon23 has a diverse range of attendees from across different backgrounds, skill levels, career backgrounds etc. We will therefore prioritise travel bursaries for applicants that come from under-represented backgrounds and who find it difficult or challenging to access travel money (e.g. because they don’t have access to research funding)
  • Encouraging interaction – we would like attendees of RSECon23 to share knowledge and expertise, e.g. via active participation in workshops, enthusiastic engagement with tutorials, by presenting excellent talks and posters and by fully networking and engaging with other attendees, with UKRSE and sponsors. Please indicate in your application how you anticipate being able to do this.

Early Career Definition

For those applicants wishing to apply under early career, we define this as within the first five years in an RSE role.

Bursary Award

The bursary is to be used for:

  • The costs of transport to the conference venue
  • Accommodation on Swansea campus during the conference
  • Subsistence at the RSE conference venue 

Note that the bursary does not cover the cost of registration to the conference.

Terms and conditions are given in the Guide to Expenses: Guide to Claiming Expenses for Bursary holders 2023
Travel bursaries will be paid retrospectively after the conference, after receipt of a correctly completed expense claim form including original receipts, and confirmation that you attended the conference.