In addition to the main conference, there will be several satellite events taking place at Swansea; both before and after.

Monday 4th

RSE Leaders Meeting

Meeting of RSE Leaders, hosted by Simon Hettrick of Southampton University. Unconference style meeting to discuss topics suggested by attendees with a view of concentrating on mid-level policies.

This satellite event will be invitation-only.

Trusted Research Environments Satellite Meeting

Trusted Research Environments (TREs) are rapidly becoming the standard way to work with sensitive data. We’re holding this stakeholder wide meeting to bring together TRE researchers, developers, operators, managers and anyone interested in TREs, from all sectors and disciplines. This meeting is open to everyone, with the goals of introducing people from across traditionally siloed projects, and to stimulate cooperation and collaborations on defining the future of TREs.

We will have a mix of talks from operators, funders, and developers, including from projects recently funded by DARE UK and HDR UK to kick-start the standardisation of technology and governance, and to support federation of TREs, across the UK and beyond. However, the most important part of the day will be breakout sessions and discussions where we will learn from each other, evaluate the work already done, and define goals for the future provision of TREs over the next few years.

This meeting is open to non-RSECon23 participants, and is free to attend.

Friday 8th


This event is for RSE’s who provide training to the research community, or are interested in starting to provide training.

The event will have four themes:

  • Delivery of Materials
  • Development of Materials
  • Policy, Culture, and Resourcing
  • Developing RSE’s to deliver training

The morning will have talks on these themes. The afternoon will have attendee led discussion groups. The discussion groups ideas will be written up provided back to the wider community.

The event is open to anyone who has an interest in training at any career stage. We hope this event will bring people together nationally to create and strengthen inter-institution links. If you want more information or to submit a talk for the morning session on any of the four themes please contact: [email protected]