Session chairs fill a vital role at any conference: ensuring speakers know when to speak (and when to stop speaking), so that sessions run to time; directing discussion to make sure that it is civil and fair to the speaker; as well as ensuring that remote attendees are able to get the maximal experience from the session.

If you have capacity to chair a session during RSECon23, please consider volunteering. Ideally, a session chair will have been to one or more conferences (not necessarily RSECon) previously, so will have an idea of what a session chair will do, but you do not need to have been a session chair previously – full guidance will be provided on what to do in your session.

For more detail on the talks, panels, and walkthroughs that will be in each session, the draft programme is available at

Depending on the number of volunteers, it is possible that not everyone who volunteers will end up chairing a session; nonetheless we are grateful for everyone who makes themselves available.

To volunteer to chair a session at RSECon23, please fill in this form.