One Platinum package is available. As Platinum sponsor, you’d be our primary sponsor – vital for making the conference happen.

As Platinum sponsor, you would have the opportunity to present your products, business or goals to the entire conference with the only sponsored keynote talk. You’d also be the host for the RSE Leaders dinner at the Dylan Thomas Centre, and talk directly to group leads, heads of departments and senior staff.

 The Platinum package includes:

  • Keynote Talk: An hour-long keynote slot on the opening day of the conference – this would be the only sponsor-provided plenary. The speaker could be from your organisation, or maybe a partner or collaborator you’d like to introduce and highlight.
  • Hosting the RSE Leaders Dinner: Leaders within the UK Research Software Engineering community (e.g. RSE Group leads) are invited to a dinner at the Dylan Thomas Centre on Wednesday evening. As host, you get:
    • A speech or talk before the dinner
    • Banners at the venue
    • Six invites to the dinner
  • Double-size Stall: You’ll get first choice of location for a double-size (~5m wide, 2m deep) space in the Great Hall galleries, next to the coffee and lunch venue, with panoramic views of Swansea bay. 
    • The stall comes with tables (your choice of how many 40x120cm or 90x180cm) or you can bring your own, power and wifi
    • We have access to 4 large TVs to display behind stalls. If more than 4 stalls request them, we can source others but there will be a charge; free TV screens will be prioritised by sponsorship tier and date
  • 6 Conference Passes
  • Publicity: You’ll get:
    • Thanks and your logo on the conference website and promotional materials
    • Your logo on slides displayed before our keynotes and plenaries, and before streamed talks
    • Thanks in our opening and closing speeches
    • Thanks in tweets from the Society’s Twitter account (6.9k followers), in our community Slack (4.5k members), and the Society newsletter (1249 subscribers) and emails about the conference.
  • Conference Podcast interview: The Code for Thought podcast (1k monthly listeners) will be doing a report on the conference, and the Platinum sponsor will have the option of being interviewed for it.