Six Bronze packages are available, for £5,000 each.

As a Bronze sponsor, you would have the opportunity to present your products, business or goals to attendees with a stall in the Great Hall galleries with views of Swansea bay, right by the tea & coffee provision, as well as promotional mentions by the Society at the conference and through our websites and community channels.

 The Bronze package includes:

  • Stall: You’ll get a ~2.5m wide, 2m deep space in the Great Hall galleries, next to the coffee and lunch venue, with panoramic views of Swansea bay. 
    • The stall comes with tables (your choice of two 40x120cm or one 90x180cm) or you can bring your own, power and wifi
    • We have access to 4 large TVs to display behind stalls. If more than 4 stalls request them, we can source others but there will be a charge; free TV screens will be prioritised by sponsorship tier and date
  • 1 Conference Pass
  • Publicity: You’ll get:
    • Thanks and your logo on the conference website and promotional materials
    • Your logo on slides displayed before our keynotes and plenaries, and before streamed talks
    • Thanks in our opening and closing speeches
    • Thanks in tweets from the Society’s Twitter account (6.9k followers), in our community Slack (4.5k members), and the Society newsletter (1249 subscribers) and emails about the conference.